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Tee Turf offers you the highest level of lawn care in the metro Atlanta area. We specalize in residental and commercial properties. We will make your grass green, weed free, and give you the highest quality lawn you deserve.


Residential Program

Show your yard some TLC. Have lush, green, and weed free grass to ensure personal pride and neighborly envy. Using people and pet friendly products we will develop a treatment plan to fit your grass type and schedule.
Cold and wet weather?
Hot and dry conditions?
No matter. Our seven step application plan will adapt to whatever weather happens our way.

Commercial Program

Want to impress your clients and investors?
Want to improve the appearance of your work environment?
Increase your curb appeal with a commercial property plan.
Ask us about our customized property program.

Aeration and Over-seeding

If you are searching for that green grass year round look, we offer an aeration and over-seeding service for those with cool season grasses. Applied with results in mind, we will equip you with the knowledge for the best outcome.
Using highly rated and trusted grass seed and fertilizers, let us rejuvenate your yard for the upcoming year.
Ask about our aeration and over-seeding service.
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